Analog Dragon

consists of Keyboardist & Composer Makila Wind. He features live drummers playing Hybrid Kits as a primary building block to intuitive originals that evolve between Gigs. 

They dive deep into a new age synth driven genre blending fusion of: 

• Neo-Funk Soul • Live-EDM • Hip Hop World 

Analog Dragon continues to introduce textures of female Vocals, Turntablism, Conga's, Mc's bring life to the stage with Conscious Hip Hop. 


Meet the Dragon

 Analog Dragon creates a blend of Jam, Funk, Hip Hop & Live Electronic songs. 

   Northern California keyboardist Makila Wind composes an all original set. 

The Dragon Fluently weaves an array of musicians and styles into one solid and unique tone! 

  Analog Dragon combines Live Electronic music with Funk licks, Hip Hop beats  & elements of Middle Eastern, Celtic & other rich world influenced melodies.   

   The sonic range is large, ranging from soft, piano based intros to saturated, progressive peaks with tasteful distortion and back to heart melting music from the soul.  

  Sets are Dynamic & always unique with improvisation.  
   Experience the Dragon. Experience a musical experience like none other.   

 The Dragon appreciates and sounds similar to Medeski Martin & Wood, The Robert Glasper Experiment, & Radiohead. 


Analog Dragon